Why You Should Hang Onto Pill Bottles

Amazing Ways to Use a Pill Bottle

(SurvivalDaily.com) – There are tons of items that have several uses aside from their intended purpose. Soup cans, tires, and even an empty pill bottle can be reused in a survival situation. After all, survival is all about being resourceful and using what you have available. Here are a few ways to use a pill bottle.

Fire Starter

A pill bottle is a great way to store items to start a fire. The waterproof container can hold cotton balls covered in petroleum jelly and matches or even a lighter to start the fire. If you accidentally drop it on the water, don’t worry, it floats!

Seed Storage Container

Given the size of a pill bottle, it’s perfect for holding seeds. The ability to grow your own food is crucial to survival, and you can keep different types of seeds in the same container.

Spare Key Holder

Ever locked yourself out of the house by accident and wished you had a spare key? Well, now you can! Don’t worry about buying a fake rock that’s not going to fool anyone. Do you really think hiding it under a doormat is going to work? No! Use a pill bottle, glue the cap to the bottom of a real rock, dig a small hole for the bottle to fit in, place the key in the bottle, attach it to the rock, and set it in place.

Survival Kit

A pill bottle’s small size allows it to be easily packed with your camping gear or carried with you anywhere you go. Check out Jacob Paul’s pill bottle survival kit video below.

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