Defending Your Home When a Gun Isn’t an Option

Silent...Yet Painful

( – Home invasions are far more common than many people believe. Obviously, a firearm is a top choice to defend the home and family from an intruder, however, not everyone owns a gun. There’s always the chance of being away from the firearm when someone barges in as well.

If guns aren’t your thing (or it’s illegal to own one where you live), there are alternatives that can be used to defend the home. Some of these may even cause the invader to flee rather than attempting to engage in violence. Let’s take a look at some available options:

Up Close and Personal

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of home invasions is the potential for a close encounter with the intruder. When it’s time to get up close and personal with an invader, there are several options you can use to protect your home and family when things get too close for comfort.

  • Blades: Whether it’s a knife, sword, or machete, there’s just something about a blade that frightens people.
  • Axes: Potentially the most popular and feared melee weapon, an axe offers range and, depending on the design, can be used as a blunt weapon.
  • Nunchucks: Used in countless martial arts movies, nunchucks can be deadly used by a skilled handler. These do take training to use effectively though, so don’t make the mistake of picking one up in the heat of the moment without knowing what you’re doing. They can be just as damaging to the user as the intended target.
  • Tasers: Standard self-defense tools, tasers tend to have one significant drawback — you have to get close enough to the attacker to make contact with them with the unit.
  • Bats: We’re not talking about the ones that fly around at night, although they can be scary. We’re talking about baseball bats, which have been used in home defense for a long time.

To give you some other idea, take a few minutes and watch the following video which discusses 10 “must-have” self-defense gadgets.

They’ll Never Know What Hit Them

Not everything has to be so personal when it comes to home defense. There are plenty of silent yet effective long-range options you can utilize. For example, the bow and arrow. Take a moment to consider them. If this combo weren’t effective, it wouldn’t have survived for millennia.

Another great long-range weapon is a stun gun. Limited to a 15-foot range for consumers outside of law enforcement, a stun gun gives you plenty of room to protect yourself while avoiding an attacker.

Another method of defense providing coverage from as far as about 20 feet is wasp spray (though there is a lot of debate as to the effectiveness of this method). You can spray the attacker in the eyes, disorienting them enough to provide an opportunity for escape.

Final Note

Home invasions can be a scary occurrence. Of course, turnabout is fair play, and if someone is willing to break into your home, they shouldn’t complain if they find themselves facing an armed homeowner.

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