DIY Stun Gun

DIY Stun Gun

( – Stun guns are great tools to fend off attackers, but they can be a bit expensive, prompting the need to look for alternatives. Some people prefer to unleash their creative side and come up with plans others can use, such as this DIY stun gun.

Making your own stun gun may seem intimidating given the nature of the situation. The truth is, however, that as long as you’re careful and connect the circuits correctly, you don’t have to worry about blowing up or hurting yourself. Stun guns have a high amount of voltage, which will hurt, so be careful.

To make your own stun gun, you need an 8-inch piece of PVC pipe that’s 1 inch in diameter, two end caps to fit the PVC, a volt booster, two AAA battery holders, batteries, a push button switch, two screws or nails, electrical wire and electrical tape.

Your stun gun should never be used for illegal purposes; the point of the DIY stun gun is to offer you a cheap alternative to protect yourself with. We can’t stress this point enough: The DIY stun gun is strictly for self-defense purposes only.

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