Don’t Mess With This Animal… It Holds a Grudge!

Don't Mess With This Animal... It Holds a Grudge!

( – Wildlife can be incredibly beautiful, but it can also be deadly. We sometimes forget that we’re sharing this world, and often when attacks occur, it’s because we’re in an animal’s home. We don’t like it when they invade our privacy, so why should we expect any less from them?

Small watercraft have been advised to not travel within the Strait of Gibraltar or off the coast of Portugal due to a number of unusual orca attacks. At least 33 strikes against small watercraft have occurred in those areas.

The killer whales bring a new meaning to their name as they ram the rudders and attempt to capsize boats and small ships. In some cases the damage to the craft is severe enough to disable them.

Researchers have come to a couple of conclusions in regard to the strange attacks. The first is that the orcas may have experienced some sort of injury involving a boat or small ship and felt the need to react aggressively. A second reason could be that the orcas are playing with the craft out of curiosity after learning they have the ability to stop or slow them down.

Either way, boat owners in the area are not comfortable.

Wild animals can be unpredictable, making them dangerous. However, it’s not just wildlife that can be a threat; you may even encounter a potentially deadly animal in your everyday life — a vicious dog.

Check out how to defend yourself from a dog attack, so if you’re ever in that danger, you know what to do.

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