Murder Hornet Nest Found and Eradicated

Murder Hornet Nest Found and Eradicated

( – Asian giant hornets, deemed “murder hornets” due to their lethality in Japan and China, have been trying to invade the United States since late 2019. The invasive species brought concerns to many Americans, especially beekeepers whose businesses could be seriously impacted by the hornets.

The first Asian giant hornet was found in Whatcom County, WA. What may seem like a nightmare scenario for people in the area actually turned out in their favor as the scientists destroyed the hive on Saturday, October 24th.

After weeks of searching for the nest, entomologists at the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) discovered the first murder hornet nest in the US in Blaine, WA near the US/Canada border. The scientists have been trapping and tracking the hornets by tying small radio trackers onto the insects.

The WSDA on Saturday tweeted to share a video of the massive hornets trapped in a transparent container: “Got ’em. Vacuumed out several #AsianGiantHornets from a tree cavity near Blaine this morning.” Unfortunately, the WSDA believes that this isn’t the only nest and firmly stated that the invasion needs to be stopped in its tracks.

The WSDA warned that if the invasive species spreads throughout Washington state, it could have significantly negative impacts on the economy, environment and public health.

Unlike the common pests we have learned to rid our homes of, these hornets could become deadly in more ways than one.

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