National Park: Hiker Missing 2 Weeks Found Alive

National Park: Hiker Missing 2 Weeks Found Alive

( – Hiking in a national park can be both exciting and relaxing. However, it can also be dangerous and take a turn for the worst. For one hiker, this nightmare became a reality.

After going missing for 2 weeks, Suzanne Courtier was spotted by other park visitors, who contacted the park’s rangers. Courtier, from Los Angeles, was dropped off at the Grotto Park area in the Zion National Park by a private shuttle. The hiker was scheduled to be picked up later that day, but she never showed.

Several groups helped in the search for Courtier, with federal, state, and local rescue teams working alongside K9 units. Volunteers also joined the effort to find the lost woman.

How she became lost and survived for the past couple weeks has not become public, nor has the location where she was found. Her family stated that they were overjoyed about her being found alive, thanking all of those involved in finding her safe and well.

National parks are beautiful places to visit, but they can be dangerous to visitors who aren’t knowledgeable in basic survival; one vital skill in this area is navigation. It’s easy for someone to become distracted or curious and wander off of the trail.

One wrong turn can quickly become a problem if the person gets lost. Be sure to check out how to navigate without a compass to make sure you always know which direction you’re heading.

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