Possible Russia – China Alliance

Possible Russia - China Alliance

(SurvivalDaily.com) – A Chinese-Russian alliance could spell trouble for the US as it would tip the international power scales in their favor. With tensions growing between Washington and Beijing, the possibility of an alliance is concerning.

On Thursday, October 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin told foreign policy experts there was no need for an alliance between the Russian and Chinese militaries during an international video conference. However, he did state he could “imagine” a use for one in the future.

President Putin also stated that Russia’s cooperation with China has “without any doubt” helped China’s army’s defensive capabilities. Putin added that only time would tell whether an alliance with China is off the table or not.

Turning his attention westward, Putin called for an extension of the New START Treaty. Scheduled to expire in early 2021, it constitutes the lone remaining arms control pact between Russia and the US.

An invasion of the US mainland is unlikely due to America’s geography. However, for one to be successful would require an alliance between Russia and China.

Additionally, there’s an ongoing threat of an attack on mainland America using electromagnetic pulse (EMP) technology. It’s always best to prepare in case the SHTF. You can read up about what to do to survive an EMP attack here.

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