Poncho… a Preppers Best Friend

Poncho... a Preppers Best Friend

(SurvivalDaily.com) – Preppers have a lot of items and tools they use to make sure they’re ready for whatever life may throw at them. Some items are better suited for the life of a prepper than others — and the poncho very well may be a prepper’s best friend.

Ponchos can serve you as more than just a way to stay dry. Depending on the coloring of a poncho, it may also work as camouflage. Don’t settle for your cheap plastic bag ponchos; these ponchos need to be of good quality and made from ripstop nylon. A cheap plastic one can work to keep your supplies dry in a pinch, and is far better than nothing.

A quality poncho, much like those used in the military, can be cut and used to make cordage. Both the lower quality ponchos and their more expensive counterparts make for great ground cover to lie on, especially if the ground is wet. They also work to create a waterproof shelter in a survival situation (where a tarp is unavailable). Fill a well-made poncho with leaves and close it to make a mattress or roll it up into a pillow.

Because ponchos are waterproof, they also work great for collecting rainwater or even morning dew. In a pinch, a poncho can be used to collect drinkable water by collecting the steam from boiling saltwater as well.

Ponchos can serve as a multipurpose item with a little ingenuity, making them a great item for any prepper. In an emergency, a poncho alone won’t do you much good unless you have the right attitude. Check out how to have a survival mindset and prepare to outlast whatever comes your way.

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