Survival Camps Prep for Election

Survival Camps Prep for Election

( – With the election less than 3 weeks away, concerns are rising over the possible results. Some people believe no matter who wins the US presidential election, the result will lead to violence and chaos. People are taking this very seriously, and some are acting proactively.

Fortitude Ranch, which has survival camps in Colorado and West Virginia, is prepared to open on election day to protect its members from whatever may follow. Fortitude Ranch believes that, despite whether President Trump or Joe Biden wins, the US will see looting and violence, potentially turning into long-term and widespread clashes between parties.

Fortitude Ranch began in West Virginia with its first camp in 2015, but now it has two other camps in Colorado. Members pay a $1,000 annual fee to vacation on campus during times of peace and have refuge during societal collapse. Fortitude Ranch will not release the number of members currently enrolled, but it’s required that each member have a rifle or shotgun to defend the community.

This election could very well be the most important of our lives. Many people are concerned about what’s going to happen after the election, and rightfully so. The US has seen riots and unrest on an unseen scale in 2020. You may need to prepare for the election chaos now.

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