The Birds… It Was Supposed to Be Fiction, Right?

The Birds... It Was Supposed to Be Fiction, Right?

( – A man in Australia was attacked by a magpie, a common medium-sized bird native to Australia and New Guinea. Experts say this is the worst magpie “swooping season” they’ve seen. Around 60 people have checked into the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital due to bird attacks this year.

Warning: The following image is graphic.

The victim, James Glindemann, 68, had to undergo eye surgery after the vicious attack. Glindemann said the magpie sat down in front of him, and that when he went to open his food, the bird went crazy.

In the first attack, the bird flew at Glindemann’s face, striking his left eye. Glindemann failed to drop his food, which prompted a second attack from the magpie. This time, the bird went after Glindemann’s right eye and struck with more force, drawing blood.

He attempted to flee the highly intelligent animal, but stated the closer he got to his car, the worse his vision got. He eventually called an ambulance and was taken to a local hospital, where he underwent a 2-hour surgery.

Experts in the area have warned that magpies are spooked by masks, which could explain the worse-than-usual swooping season. Glindemann had been wearing a mask until he took it off to eat. Thankfully, his vision has since improved, and he doesn’t hold a grudge. “I still like magpies,” he says then adds, “I love them.” He believes this magpie in particular simply made a mistake.

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